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What’s the most important tool of a bubbleologist? It’s their bubble liquid, of course! Uncle Bubble liquid has been the secret tool of scores of bubbleologists for many years and now you can acheieve the same breathtaking jumbo bubbles and sculptures as the pros. Uncle Bubble liquid has incredible longevity, making it ideal for large bubbles as well as intricate sculpture work requiring the addition of more and more bubbles to create dense formations and chains. Perhaps the most useful thing about this liquid is its portability. Uncle Bubble concentrate is supplied in an amazing 1:9 ratio. With this 12.8oz (0.378 litres) bottle, you can make 3.78 litres of premium bubble liquid. With the simple addition of tap water you can quickly make 10 times the amount of bubble liquid as you have formula. Uncle Bubble concentrate formula is perfect for gigs, travelling and bubble parties.


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